4th Asia-Pacific Community-Based Inclusive Development Congress (4th AP CBID Congress)

Program Sub-Committee, International Organizing Committee (IOC)


  • File Format: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 and above
  • File Name: Save your presentation by “Concurrent Session as (A or B or C)” with the specific “Topic” and with your full name.
  • Time allocation: Each presentation will be given 20 minutes, including any questions and answers. All presentation must be made in English and delivered in English (Except Mongolian presenter who can not present in English).
  • Presenters: Only submitted author/authors mentioned in the abstract/ prior informed presenter should present. There should be no change in presenters without prior consent by organizers.
  • Slide Limitation: Presenters are requested to use Microsoft PowerPoint slides for their presentation. Maximum of 10 slides, excluding title and references, for each presentation..
  • Prohibition: Marketing of products and services are strictly not allowed. Session Chair has the right to halt the presentation when contents are not to the topic.
  • Computer and Internet: Please ensure videos are well embedded and saved in the submission folder. The presentation laptop might not be able to play videos from online sources. Presenters will not be able to use their own laptop, computer for the presentation..
  • Final presentation submission: Please send your presentation by email latest by 15 June 2019 at and also bring your final version of your power-point presentation to the Congress on a pen-drive..


  • Size: 120 cm by 80 cm
  • Orientation: Landscape Style
  • Language: English (or English and Mongolian). Posters prepared only in Mongolian cannot be displayed.
  • Final Poster: Kindly bring with you a printed Poster for display at the Congress Venue.You DO NOT require to send your poster in advance. You are asked to make sure that your poster is displayed latest by 10 am on the first day of the Congress (2 July 2019). Your poster will remain for display during the whole duration of the Congress and can be removed on the afternoon of second day (3July 2019). You are asked to ensure that one of the authors is present near the poster during the tea/coffee breaks to answer the questions of the visitors.
  • Please notify author of an accepted abstract should register and complete the full payment prior to midnight, 30 May 2019 (GMT+8), in order to be included in the program of the 4th AP CBID Congress.


Sustainable Social Development and Economic Growth through Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID)
1. Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
2. Social Development and Collaboration 3. Good Practice, Evidence and Innovations in CBID



General information
1. All abstract proposals must be submitted online and/or via email by 30 March 2019.
2. Authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy of the submitted abstracts. Any mistakes in literature or in scientific facts will be published as presented to the Program Sub-committee. Fact checking is the responsibility of the submitting person/ agent.
3. All presenters must register for the conference and assume responsibility for their own transportation, lodging and registration fee.
4. The Program Sub-committee of the 4th AP CBID Congress reserves the right to accept or refuse an abstract, to designate abstracts either for oral or poster presentations, and to choose a suitable session for the abstract. The authors’ preference of the type of the presentation and theme will be taken into account.
5. Accepted abstracts will be published in the program materials. Editorial changes may be made to accepted abstracts at the discretion of the Program Sub-committee.
6. For the abstracts accepted by the Program Sub-committee of the 4th AP CBID Congress, the authors must submit their presentation in PowerPoint (PPT) format together with the Full Paper by 30 May 2019.

Copyright & Legal Obligation
•The authors carry the legal obligations for their abstract; any violation of a third party's right will be the responsibility of the authors.
•The IOC of the 4th AP CBID Congress has the copyright to use the abstract in the Conference for scientific purposes without any prior notice to the authors. However, the name of the authors will be referred.
•The authors are required to authorize the organizers of the 4th AP CBID Congress to publish and distribute the abstract(s), paper(s), and poster(s) submitted, including printed, audio, Braille and/or electronic versions. A release form will be sent to authors upon acceptance of their abstract(s) which is required to be submitted and signed by the authors.

Sustainable Social Development and Economic Growth through Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID)
1. Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
2. Social Development and Collaboration 3. Good Practice, Evidence and Innovations in CBID


Topics of interest for submission includes (Please refer to criteria to select abstracts)

Topic A. CBID and Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (The topic should focus on projects which stakeholders are doing on economic empowerment that can be linked to the agenda of SDGs, UNCRPD and other related international instruments. The projects could be related to skill development, self-employment, wage employment, financial services, social protection as safety net to protect people against poverty, agricultural business, inclusive business, entrepreneurship, etc.)

Topic B. CBID and Social Development for Persons with Disabilities (The topic should focus on projects related to social development that contribute to the agenda of SDGs, UNCRPD and other related international instruments. The presentations could be related to attitude change, rights advocacy, social issues and justice, sports, arts and leisure, education development , life skills for adolescents with disabilities, health , rehabilitation , assistive devices and GATE, accessibility, transportation, self-help groups and DPOs, growing capacity of children with disabilities, etc.)

Topic C. Good Practice, Evidence and Innovations in CBID (The topic covers good practice, evidence and innovation in areas not covered by the two previous topics, and which contribute to the agenda of the SDGs, UNCRPD, Sendai Framework and other related international instruments. The topic therefore provides space for a wide variety of presentations, particularly emerging and innovative practice, such as CBID as an approach to ensure the inclusion of people with mental health conditions , or to ensure full participation of people with disabilities in disaster risk reduction. CBID as an approach for strengthening health, education, livelihood, social, and political systems at community and national level , or for DPO-Government Partnership.)

Criteria to select abstracts:

The main criteria to consider when accepting abstracts are as follows: Practices which reflect:

• Progress made based on the recommendations from the previous Congresses (Tokyo Declaration on Community-Based Inclusive Development, 3rd Asia-Pacific Community-Based Rehabilitation Congress 2015 and Kuala Lumpur Declaration, 2nd Community-Based Rehabilitation World Congress 2016)

• CBID as a rights based approach, where the project reflects partnership and strong links with government as the duty bearer (i.e. the project is not a parallel programme to government programmes, but is part of, or supports and strengthens government programmes)

• The central role of Disabled People Organizations as the rights-holders

• CBID as an approach to include people with disabilities in local and national development agenda, emphasising the role of CBID in contributing to the attainment of the UNCRD, SDGs, the Incheon Strategy and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and other International Instruments.

• Evidence based (with disaggregated data)

• Additional points where projects are sustained by government laws and ordinances: multi-sectoral, community resources utilized, cross disability and twin track

Submission: On or before 30 March 2019 to official Congress website and/ or at email address:

Abstract form
Please follow Essay Structure written above.

Total word count: 0 words. Words left: 500

1. Standard abbreviations are accepted. If any special abbreviations are used, they should be written fully in parentheses the first time they appear in the text.
2. Multiple abstracts are welcome from each attendee/author.

Any further questions regarding the submission, please feel free to contact: Program Sub-committee of 4th AP CBID Congress, at following email


  • Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Chingeltei district, United Nations Street – 5, Ulaanbaatar-15160
  • Project coordinator of CBID Congress
  • (976) 99543535, (976) 99993846
  • 7:30 - 22:00 (GMT +08:00)