Monday 4 July, 2019Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Post Congress

Asia-Pacific CBR-CBID Congress, Mongolia 2019

Theme: “Preparation of human resources for delivering of social services to elder people and persons with disabilities. Promotion of high education to students with disabilities"


Mongolian National University, AIFO, AP CBR Network



Promote Persons with Disabilities to study at Universities by creating the accessible environment and share best practices on how to prepare human resources who are able to work with the elder and Persons with Disabilities.



Number of participants will be 60-80, including students, teachers from universities, NGO, DPO, people with disabilities. Both local and international participants are welcome to join.


Date, Time and Venue:

4th July 2019, 10AM to 1PM at Mongolian National University



Registration should be done during the congress. /Free of charge/


Communication during the post Congress:

Both English and Mongolian language will be used with support by interpreter and Mongolian sign language interpreter is available


Contact person:

Mrs. Batdulam Tumenbayar, 976-99040071, email address:



  • Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar city, Chingeltei district, United Nations Street – 5, Ulaanbaatar-15160
  • Project coordinator of CBID Congress
  • (976) 99543535, (976) 99993846
  • 7:30 - 22:00 (GMT +08:00)